A perfected drop-in work experience.

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A perfected drop-in work experience.

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The Challenge

Our initial introduction to Lokus allowed us to learn a little about the business, their goals and the value of the product.

With a logo already in place, we were asked to review and refresh the brand identity, by subtly developing their distinctive ‘pinwheel’ icon from their original logo.

Brand Refinement

Whilst remaining in collaboration with the client, we worked through two to three rounds of development to find the perfect balance of their existing brand and a more succinct and refreshed identity.

Once our exploration phase was complete and the client was happy to get stuck into the more exciting bits, we began to create an extensive brand guideline document. Here we could explore and rationalise a whole range of assets, from typography and colour palettes to iconography and even photography treatments. This then helped to inform the initial UI design for the home page.


Building Foundations

With everything now in place we began to wireframe and create some structure for the upcoming app.

We explored functionality capabilities and applied our expertise to create a hierarchy of content with an emphasis on valuable user experience.

Implementing the Brand

The extensive nature of the wireframes allowed us to seamlessly implement the brand into a structured user journey that had already taken UX practices into account.

This stage then allowed us to flex our creative muscles and apply some more dynamic and eye-catching UI design.


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