The Fortnight Brand Workshop

Using our free downloadable workshop you’ll get the tools to understand and build or develop your identity.  We’ve helped hundreds of companies improve their branding and this workshop guides you through our process.

Together we can make extraordinary things happen

We now have a cohesive and very impressive brand design throughout our products and digital presences. We've got a lot of compliments!

Gustav, Hubb Creative Director

What should I expect?

The guide is split into six sections and can all be completed in 3 hours, although we recommend you take your time. It covers:
What to

Your 20-year roadmap

Look into your future and think about the long-term vision of the brand

The What, How and Why

Remind yourself why you’re in business and the motivation behind it.

Your True Three Values

Make your ‘Why’ more specific by generating and ranking your values

Your Audience

You need to know who you’re talking to and who is most important

Slide Your Personality

Define the attitude and style of your brand

The Competition

Compare your brand to those around you

What is the outcome?

Understanding the brand

You and your team will understand what the brand is, making all the subsequent squishy decisions about visual, voice, and identity easier.

A clear identity for employees

Help new employees understand what your company is about, and can even remind the founding team what you stand for.

Concrete brand representation

When next faced with a big decision - about naming, identity, marketing, or even company policy - you can use these outcomes as a guide.
Together we can make extraordinary things happen

You’re ready

to run our

We’ve done the hard work, all you need to do is follow the guide with your team and you’ll have your branding nailed down in no time!
Click on the button below to download our step-by-step guide and run our workshop with your team in-house.
We recommend spending 3 hours on the workshop with at least 2 members of your team to achieve the best outcome.

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