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You heard it right, we're now in a relationship with Thursday, the UK's hottest dating app and THE day for dating. We completely revamped their mobile app and website to reflect their playful and mischievous nature. This beautiful relationship has increased Thursday app downloads by 50% in just 4 weeks.

Who knew the day for dating could achieve so much with just a Fortnight ;)

Our work with Thursday was awarded 'Honourable Mention' on Awwwards here.

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The Challenge

Thursday, a dating app that wants to solve problems created by, well, too much time spent using dating apps, had raised a £2.5 million in June 2021 and knew it was time to invest in developing the brand and how they communicate with their users, before reflecting this in the UX/UI of the Thursday app. The branding was safe and the use of black wasn't reflecting their playful nature. Step forward the Fortnighters...

The Concept

By conceptualising the brand through new colours, an ecosystem of aphrodisiac characters and more, we visualised the Thursday personality and used those foundations to create a killer website. The branding outlined what direction we needed the app to follow and reflected that user experience through a website that was highly engaging and functionally rich. It's also a shop window for Afterparty, Thursday's new in-person exclusive events brand.


Our Approach

We really wanted to get our heads in the game and understand why Thursday exists / what it means. This was key for us to understand what we can do to help bring Thursday to life. Through workshops both with the client and internally, we were able to build a story around their personality and the idea of a 'club Thursday' and provocative illustrations. Going above and beyond with brand research, moodboarding and understanding where the founder's wanted to take Thursday was key for us. Once we had the branding confirmed, it was time to evolve the app and website.

MVP to Most Valuable Player

The Thursday app has an impressive history already, but it was originally a minimum viable product (MVP) that had exploded onto the scene. We were tasked with taking that to the next level with an innovative design, as well as creating structure with a design system. The user experience was optimised to improve the different journeys and animated transitions smoothed the different screens and flows.

The illustrations allowed us to showcase the fun and playful nature of Thursday, while creating a mascot and consistency across the product. If Thursday was represented as objects, the illustrations you see across the website and mobile app nail this perfectly.



The brand is now in a position to own the dating industry, playing by their own rules. The brand is consistent throughout the app, site and fantastic marketing campaigns. The illustrations flow through the products with smart animations, while button styles and user flows have more personality compared to before.

The feedback Thursday has received is overwhelmingly positive and with app store downloads up by 50% since the update, we feel we have succeeded with enhancing the brand and platforms UX and UI.

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