Based on the insights we got from you we can tell that you already spent some time researching your idea and it will require some complex features. These apps usually have more than one user, 4-6 key features and a complex design, while still keeping aspects of the app simple where needed. Find out what this means for you.

Step by step

A moderate-complexity app has a larger user base, more features, and a more complex design. Your app may require a larger team and more resources to develop, but may not be as complex as a fully featured app. Build on your app to become a fully featured app on the go.

To start working on an idea like this, be ready to invest more resources and have a larger team supporting you on your path. You can build and iterate feature-by-feature to ensure you’re still efficient with your budget. We want you to have everything you need to know to make the perfect decision and be ready to start the process of developing your app.

Moderate Complex

?What fits

You have to decide on what kind of app you want to create. Let us give you more insights into the different kinds of apps that are relevant.

Web App: A web app is a specific layout for a phone or tablet’s browser which is more user-friendly and optimized then regular website. With apps becoming more and more popular a lot of ideas get developed without consideration if this idea can become an end-product with developing “only” a website that has a “mobile version”.

• Native Apps: A Native App is a stand-alone, downloadable app that is specifically available for either iOS or Android and what you develop for one will not translate to the other. For that reason, you’ll find plenty of platform-specific apps that live on one or the other, but not both. This can be relevant if you have time and budget to create two apps (if you do not want to decide on either App Stores) or your app idea fits only one mobile app store.

• Hybrid App: A hybrid app is one that kind of gives you the best of both worlds. You won’t get all of the creative control that you get in a native app, nor the flexibility found in web apps, but you end up with a good mix of both without having to spend the same amount of money and time.

Whats best for your idea

What's next?

You probably decided your feature and screens. Based on our experience we know it is still important to spend some time discovering what features really bring the most value and also define how your app should be developed and designed. If you are curious, we are happy to share more on that with you.

What's next

Here are some Examples...


On Bumble, women make the first move, leveling the playing field and changing the dynamics of dating. You can create your profile, match with users, and even chat and send messages. Starting only as a dating app, Bumble now introduced two new features, Bumble Bizz for professionals to connect with each other, and Bumble BFF as a simplified way to create meaningful friendships. We helped Whitney Wolfe Herd and her team unlock over a billion new users for one of the hottest dating apps, through UX and UI consulting and Mobile platform design. Leading them to push forwards to massive amounts of funding and universal acclaim.​

New Image

The app provides users with free workout videos, assembly guides, and more for the entire New Image range, including FITT Cube, Maxi-Glider 360, Squat Magic, Core Magic, and FITT Gym. We immediately saw opportunities to introduce the ability to sync with the client’s devices, as well as popular third-party devices. We designed data components to maximize the use of these new data points, on show during the workouts as well as on a new, more comprehensive workout summary. It will now tell the story of their session as opposed to pushing users to finish without any satisfaction. Primary call-to-action shortcuts were included to increase the % of users adding their workouts to plans.

Mindful Chef

Mindful Chef has been voted the UK’s number one Recipe Box. With over 3 million meals sold their delicious and nutrition-rich recipes have proven to be a huge success, offering a convenient way to cook fresh and healthy meals. Unfortunately, the digital offering was lacking that same convenience, with no easy way of navigating through the site, managing subscriptions or ordering on mobile. ‍ We refined the navigation and focused on the delivery schedule to put users in the driving seat. You eat with your eyes first. Funnily enough, that’s also how you consume digital content.

What is the outcome?

A convincing business plan

Show investors you have a concrete plan, you’ve done your homework and you know exactly how it will make money in the long run

A pitch deck to win you investment

A 15-slide deck provide you with the right talking points and flow to sell your idea and yourself to investors.

An app idea validated and backed

You’ll show that there is a market for your app and your target audience want and need it, proving its product-market-fit.

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