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Features & Design

Honestly, we know how that sounds from an app development studio, but it seems to us that you might really have something there. The only thing that is important now is the implementation.

Based on our insights we think you want an app with a wide range of features and a highly complex design. So be ready: These apps may require a large team and significant resources to develop, and may take longer to complete than simpler apps. Are you ready?

Features & Design

Invest in Design

You NEED to invest in good app design from the beginning if you want an app that looks good and works even better. And you NEED to continue to invest in design during development and after launch.

An app’s user interface is what makes an app’s first impression, and unfortunately for many, it’s last. When a user downloads an app, they will look at it very skeptical whether it is going to help solve their problem. This is where an impressive user interface can help to make an outstanding first impression.

Invest in good app design

User Experience

If you want your app to be successful, you have to consider UX (User Experience) to be not just a minor aspect of design, but an essential component of product strategy. So we created a list of things to look out for if you want a great user experience on your app:

• Minimize Cognitive Load: The human brain has a limited amount of processing power, and when an app provides too much information at once, it might overwhelm the user and make them abandon the task.

• Declutter: Clutter is one of the worst enemies of good design. You can easily overload users with too much information: Every added button, image and icon makes the screen more complicated and intense. Clutter is terrible on desktop, but it’s far worse on mobile.

• What is the number one problem my users are experiencing? Figure that out and focus only on that!

• Offload Tasks: You want to keep the UX as easy as possible. So look for anything in the design that requires user effort (like entering data, making a decision, etc.) and look for alternatives.

• Chunking: Break tasks into little bite-sized chunks. You don’t want to create too much complexity for the user at one time. If a task contains a lot of actions required from the user’s side, it’s better to divide such tasks into a number of subtasks.

• Use familiar Screens: Ever wondered why every app starts looking the same? Familiar screens are screens that users see in many apps. This allows users to use prior experience to interact with the app, with no learning curve.

User Experience

These Examples might help:


This all-in-one music marketing ecosystem and mobile app is the perfect tool to build a career as an aspiring independent musician who doesn’t need to be a PR or marketing expert to grow. Musicians are rarely marketers and data analysts; they don’t want to look at graphs and data to figure out for themselves, what the data means to them. We looked at how this information would appeal to artists, converting the insights into their journey as a growing artist.

Simba Sleep

Simba has been manufacturing in the sleep industry for over 40 years and has since sold over 50 million mattresses. Simba wanted to do something different. They wanted to go beyond sleep products and into a holistic sleep service. From concept to research, build to launch, we worked closely with the Simba team to create the Simba Sleep app that is now an integral part of their customer experience. There are so many things that can disrupt your slumber, from light levels to diet and even how much time you spend on your phone before getting off to sleep.

What is the outcome?

A convincing business plan

Show investors you have a concrete plan, you’ve done your homework and you know exactly how it will make money in the long run

A pitch deck to win you investment

A 15-slide deck provide you with the right talking points and flow to sell your idea and yourself to investors.

An app idea validated and backed

You’ll show that there is a market for your app and your target audience want and need it, proving its product-market-fit.

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