You have a great idea and we think there is certainly something about it that can make it a big success. The only thing that is important now is the implementation. Based on the insights we got we would recommend you start with an MVP - Minimum Viable Product - App for a core set of Users. Find out what that means here.

Let's keep it simple

A simple mobile app has a limited number of features, a small user base, and a straightforward design. These types of apps may be relatively easy to develop and may not require a large team or a significant amount of resources.

Most of the most successful apps have started as MVPs. An app with a lean design is often enough to test an idea on users and go live. Your app may be relatively easy to develop and not require a large team or a significant amount of resources to kick off.

Lean App

Resources & Efficiency

When your initial product is lean and focuses on the functionality of your core idea, future feature updates are iterative and driven by real user feedback.

You’ll be able to adjust and respond properly to market demands. Building an MVP app will help minimise project resources and maximise efficiency, ultimately leading to lower costs, fewer risks, and higher overall quality. Important for your idea will be to define what is the most important feature, that consumers should get to try out first. When you begin prioritizing the features for your product, you should start by answering these questions:

• What is the number one problem my users are experiencing?
• How will the functionality of my product solve that problem?

Resources & Efficiency

Less > More

Picking only one of all the amazing features and focusing on creating a super lean product can be really hard.

To identify the features that support your app’s core functionality, it’s best to start creating a “wish-list” of things you want to see in your app. Next step should be to organise your list and prioritise the features needed to achieve the user and business objectives. Other features can be considered in future phases.

Less > More

Look at some Examples.


The Thursday app has an impressive history already, but it was originally a minimum viable product (MVP) that had exploded onto the scene. We were tasked with taking that to the next level with an innovative design, as well as creating a structure with a design system. The user experience was optimized to improve the different journeys and animated transitions smoothed the different screens and flows. We completely revamped their mobile app and website to reflect their playful and mischievous nature. This beautiful relationship has increased Thursday app downloads by 50% in just 4 weeks.


A new and unique way to discover who your friends are in their daily life and with only a few features BeReal topped the charts in the App Store and was named its best application of 2022. The picture-based app is garnering attention for breaking down social media's obsession with perfectionism and rewriting the rules on posting content that's not authentic. The format is similar to Snapchat, but there's no editing, and no do-overs (if you do, the app will warn other users, flagging exactly how many re-takes it took). The app prompts you at random times of the day to take a quick snap using both your front and back camera simultaneously, posting within a two-minute window of the notification to allow friends to see what you're doing in real-time.


Bear Writer is a simple, beautiful, and flexible writing app for crafting notes and prose. Believing there’s a better way to create, manage and store notes. Bear contacted us for support in creating and designing a product that rivaled the typical status quo. Working with a team of illustrators and product managers we used data, user interviews, and iterative feedback sessions to create the Bear Writer site, app, and marketing pages. Using this iterative process allowed us (and the team) to create a user-focused product that’s unique in its own right. Bear Writer has been featured several times by Apple and was announced as the top iOS app of 2016.

What is the outcome?

A pitch deck to win you investment

A 15-slide deck provide you with the right talking points and flow to sell your idea and yourself to investors.

An app idea validated and backed

You’ll show that there is a market for your app and your target audience want and need it, proving its product-market-fit.

A convincing business plan

Show investors you have a concrete plan, you’ve done your homework and you know exactly how it will make money in the long run

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