A cloud-based kitchen brand looking to disrupt

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A cloud-based kitchen brand looking to disrupt

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The Challenge

Hubb are a cloud-based kitchen brand, home to four virtual restaurants, taking you on a gastronomic journey filled with juicy burgers, crispy fries, spicy chicken and japanese food.

 With a logo designed in house, the team felt it didn’t reflect the brand as as such, we were asked to review and refresh the brand identity.

Whilst remaining in collaboration with the client, we worked through two to three rounds of development to produce an identity that reflected their values and personality, whilst being versatile to work alongside their virtual restaurant brands.

Our Approach

The first step for Hubb was to run through our brand workshop process; a three hour session you can do internally, or with us. This makes all the subsequent squishy decisions about visual, voice, and identity easier

Hubb were able to cerment their 20 year roadmap, values, positioning and personality; this not only helped us, but helped the client to understand their own brand from a different point-of-view.

Our collaborative approach to moodboarding and exploration sessions allowed the client to comment and feed back in real time.

This ensured that the most efficient process was undertaken and that the client was not only informed of our decision making, but this allowed us to confidently explore a range of possible routes. After developing their favourites we agreed on a final concept.


The Branding

We wanted to create an identity to last and a logo to encompass the idea of housing several brands underneath one umbrella. The challenege within this was to be able to portray a sense of seriousness, whilst keeping a youthful and innovative tone.

By choosing a modern but classic looking serif typeface, we added a youthful element in the shape of a sphere that overlaps with the letter "h" to resemble all the brands living under one "roof" or "cloud".

The neutral colour palette also enables the brand to stay timeless and modular to compensate for all of the current and upcoming brands that will live within the HUBB family.

What Hubb Said

“We now have a cohesive and very impressive brand design & logo throughout our products and digital presences. We've got a lot of compliments!

The process was really great; it was very meticulous, and after the end of the project, we were very satisfied with our new logo and brand packaging. They were always quick to respond and good listeners.”


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