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It’s time to level the playing field for indie artists around the world with music marketing agency, unhurd, on a mission to do so.

We’ve been partners with the rapidly growing startup since 2019 to deliver a 360 partnership for their brand, website and now iOS mobile app. Back in 2021 we helped unhurd to secure seed funding of £250,000 with a clickable prototype, which funded the growth of the agency and development team.

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The Challenge

Music marketing is ambiguous, there are plenty of production tools, hundreds of distribution solutions but not one data-driven, cohesive promotions hub. Having supported the setup of the agency with the creation of their branding and Webflow website, the need for the service grew from day 1 and generated over 25 million streams for their clients in the first year.

The agency acted as a proof of concept and with the demand, feedback and services offered, we created a clickable prototype to support their first fundraising push, but the hard work had only begun. We needed to evolve the concept into a data-driven tech solution that would transform the way artists promote their music daily.

Read more about unhurd raising £250,000 here.

Our Approach

Through extensive user research and agency feedback. we understood the common pain points for musicians, the platforms they used and why they were unable to control the way they could grow and promote their music and brand.

Musicians are rarely marketers and data analysts; they don’t want to look at graphs and data to figure out for themselves, what the data means to them. We looked at how this information would appeal to artists, converting the insights into their journey as a growing artist.


The traditional platforms to marketing and grow as an artist are very corporate and data-heavy. Think about your Facebook, Google and even TikTok ads managers today; we wanted to connect artists with the unhurd app through a similar aesthetic to what they know.

Underground and urban venues bring with them dark walls with colourful accents highlighting what needs to be shown, while we also took inspiration from music leaders Spotify and Apple.


Much like how brands like Headspace put the user on a path to becoming a zen-master, we converted and visualised data insights to show the artist their pathway to growing their audience, exposure and reputation. Starting with the user first, we show their status as a musician and what they need to achieve through gamified tasks, actionable and easy to digest insights, push notifications and more. 

Connecting with Spotify, third-party data tools and advertising platforms, the musician can create, distribute and market their music to the right people. This all-in-one music marketing ecosystem and mobile app is the perfect tool to build a career as an aspiring independent musician who doesn’t need to be a PR or marketing expert to grow.


Measuring Success

After creating a Figma clickable prototype with high quality user experience and focused on what the app solved, we launch version 1 of the app on the Apple App Store. The app has gone through extensive testing and iterations to improve the experience for a musician and ultimately to be used as a tool daily.

Results in Numbers

£250,000 raised from prototype

50% MoM Active Session Growth

33% MoM App Download Growth

2.4 minutes median conversion time

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