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Kickstarting new workout regimes with enhanced design and IoT possibilities

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We joined the New Image Fitness family as a partner who were tasked with transforming an app that needed some TLC into a product that provided their customers with instant access to workouts for all fitness levels, assembly guides and more for the entire New Image range!

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Our initial introduction to New Image Fitness allowed us to learn a little about the business, their goals and the value of the product.

The app provided users with free workout videos, assembly guides and more for the entire New Image range, including FITT Cube, Maxi-Glider 360, Squat Magic, Core Magic and FITT Gym.

With an app already in place, we were asked to review and build a roadmap to improve the UI/UX design, user flows and add new functionality connected to their fitness devices.

Whilst remaining in collaboration with the client, we worked through two to three rounds of development to find the perfect balance between incredible design and data-driven functionality.

We immediately saw opportunities to indroduce the ability to sync with the client’s devices, as well as popular third-party devices.

We designed data components to maximise the use of these new data points, on show during the workouts as well as on a new, more comprehensive workout summary.

We handled the data to provide the user with a viusally stunning layout summary, while not overloading them with information. It will now tell the story of their session as opposed to pushing users to finish without any satisfaction. Primary call-to-action shortcuts were included to increase the % of users adding their workouts to plans.


With great data comes great possibilities. The previous progress screen showed only one data point so we were able to showcase a lot more.

We added steps, levels, focus area and steps which could then be viewed indiviusally to see the finer details of their data, adding gamification in the process.

Many users wanted to see their past data so we also added the ability to view previous activity, summary days and the functionality to share with friends and other users.

We agreed with the client that the app should move away from complete free access to a freemium model, with locked features only available to users who paid for the premium model. We created an offer for a 14-day trial to show users exactly what they’re missing.

We looked at analytics to focus on the areas used most by users, as well as where more content and information was provided.

We developed enticing popups, locked engaging content and pushed the benefits and added features the user would benefit from.


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