March 18, 2022

We're a top iOS App Development Agency and this is why...

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We don't like to brag (maybe just a little bit) but the last twelve months has really propelled us into the iOS Stratosphere and we're now recognised as a top iOS app development agency by Design Rush, Clutch and now Business of Apps.

Who are they?

DesignRush, Clutch and Business of Apps are B2B marketplaces that can help brands like you with connecting to agencies like us focused in areas such as web design, branding, mobile apps and more.

"It's a fantastic achievement from the team here at Fortnight to be recognised as one of the market leaders when it comes to app design and development, especially in the iOS market. We have been working really hard over the past few years to stand out from the crowd, delivering groundbreaking apps that not only function nicely, but look the part too. You only have to see the work the team has done for Simba Sleep and Bumble to name a couple!" Rico Rauch, Founder

What makes us a top iOS app development agency?

Are they an end-to-end solution?

The best ios app development agencies have years of experience working across a successful process, a series of steps that start from idea generation, design, development and aftercare. At Fortnight, we always start with a feature discovery session to run through the idea and understand what features are vital for the app. We look at they best way to build the tech stack and what the art direction should be.

Before you sign with an app agency, you need to ensure you're comfortable with their process, communication and way of working. Avoid agencies who don't share this beforehand as they might be hiding something!

Find out what their clients say

The best way to see how great an agency is, and how they work with their clients is to read reviews from their partners. We use Clutch as our central platform for collecting feedback as it gives you details on the team, the collaborative way of working, the problems and solutions of the project and more. You can also analyse the companies and industries the agency has worked with to see if they are a good fit with yours.

Find out what our clients said about us in 2021 here.

View their past work and case studies

Titan Invest
Titan Invest App

You need to confirm that the agency can handle what you want to create, not just in terms of the features but the style of the designs. The best way to review this is by looking at their website, their social media or by asking for their case studies. If they have worked on apps that are live on the app store, download them and do your own user testing. Most apps are free to try so this shouldn't be a burden. This way, you can check whether they have experience with your industry, similar sized brands and if they are a one-trick-pony.

At Fortnight, we have a host of projects on our Work page, Dribbble and we can share our case studies over email upon request anytime!

Understand the pricing and breakdown

Some app development agencies will ask for a fixed price up front, other bill their day rate while at Fortnight, we always give a high and low estimate based on the discussions. This gives us and the client flexibility to add, change and adapt the app as we work through the process. Just like building a house, the blueprints will provide the vision, but as the app is created some features might change, and tasks might taking a longer or shorter time to implement.

We offer a fixed price too, but with the clear understanding that the scope of the project needs to be flexible. If an agency does change you a fixed rate, ensure you are clear with them on the scope of work, what is expected on delivery and if they offer a number of revisions.

Making the decision

Choosing your app development partner is exciting but it's also an investment you want to get right. By following the above steps you should always find the right agency for you, your brand and your app idea.

At Fortnight, we are a design-led studio with a fantastic team of designers, product makers and developers who not only produce incredible work, but help brands solve their problems with solutions that add value.

If you're looking for a digital design agency to help with your branding, website build or looking to add an app, get in touch now. You could be our next success story!

We're a top iOS App Development Agency and this is why...